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After three weeks of traveling around and checking out a few different places in the Philippines, we finally found a place to rent. It’s been a bit of an interesting process, as people tend to tell you what they think you want to hear rather than the reality of the situation. It also took a little longer than expected… it seems that filipinos take “Island Time” to a whole new level. Never the less, we now have somewhere to call home, at least for the next month anyway.

We have rented a studio apartment at the back of the resort we’ve been staying at. It’s small but it’s clean and has a kitchen which is great as Mike mentioned in the previous post… Plus we get to use all of the resort amenities like the swimming pool, dive shop, internet and backup power generator (the power goes out a lot here). There’s also a couple of restaurants/bars a small spa, and a free shuttle into town.

Anyway… since pictures speak louder than words I decided to put together a photo tour of our new place…

The Eldorado Beach Resort is located about 20kms outside of Dumaguete (see map of where we are).

A short little path leads up to our little cottage. We’re at the back of the resort away from all of the rooms where it’s a little more private.

We actually have two kitchens, an indoor and an outdoor. This is our outdoor kitchen. The only thing we’re missing is a BBQ, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get one soon.

This is our outdoor dinning area. As you can see we have lots of room for friends!

The view from the front door as well as the outdoor dinning area is of the garden. The resort grows fresh herbs in the little greenhouses that they use in the restaurant. There is also usually a horse in the fenced area to the right, but he was out when I took this picture.

Inside you can see our indoor kitchen… It came equipped with a two burner propane stove top, a rice cooker, toaster, as well as dishes, and pots & pans.

From the kitchen you have a nice view of the rest of the apartment. A big bed, small bookshelf, TV and air-conditioner.

From the bed you can see the closet, bathroom, and crazy fast super fan.

This is the path that leads down to the beach, as well as the pool, spa and restaurants.

As you can see the path is marked with handy signs that keep Mike from getting lost.

Here you can see part of the pool and pool bar. Beside the bar on the left there is a big screen that they project movies onto at night. (They just roll up the bamboo shade that protects the screen and the projector sits in the box in the top left of the pic).

This is one of the restaurants, which has a Teppanyaki Bar. We have yet to try it as it’s low season and the resort is quite quiet (also there is a four person minimum).

This is the Dojo/Sports Center and Archery Area. In the high season they hold taebo classes and martial arts demonstrations here. There are also weights and a bit of sports equipment so one could potentially workout here if they were so inclined.

Ping Pong anyone?

Next to the pool is the spa, where you can get everything from swedish & shiatsu massages, to body scrubs, acupressure and pedicures. There are also several hammocks scattered throughout the resort and a few more lounge chairs overlooking the pool.  The spiral staircase you see, leads up to the resort’s tree house that they rent out as a room.

And then of course we have the beach.The beach here is a brown sand beach, unlike some of the other white sand beaches in the area. There is another restaurant to the left as well as the dive shop and some lounge chairs with a great view of the water.

That pretty much concludes the photo tour of our new home. We’re pretty excited to have somewhere to stay for a bit, and use as a base to travel out from… and if all goes well over the next month this could be where we call home for the foreseeable future.

(Did I manage to tempt anyone into coming to visit?)

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  1. Dennis & Elaine Serelo September 24, 2008 12:14 pm

    What a crazy looking place, horse in the yard? do they use it for transportation? or on the menu with the fresh herbs. It looks like a nice secluded little resort, I wonder how busy it gets tourist time, does’nt seem to be a soul around now. Is there any weird lookin bugs or reptiles in that area? Must be quite an adjustment in lifestyle, from living in van. to there. Elaine works with a woman that is from there and still owns land, but can’t remember what island she is from. We both think that you guys are doing a cool thing living life to its fullest…Be careful and have fun!…Dennis & Elaine

  2. Jody September 25, 2008 9:22 pm

    Wow your photos and writings have been really great to see (and read). Your new place looks sweet! How handy having all the hotel amenities at your disposal. Do you find it cheap living in the Philipines? Is it super hot there at the mo? It’s raining in Van at the mo…..no doubt the start of many more rainy days.

    It sounds like you guys are having a blast!

  3. Dad and Carol September 29, 2008 10:49 pm

    Mike and Kelly,

    Love the pictures. Looks very clean and tidy – where are the people? Must be nice to have a roof over your head – very impressive. You’ll not believe it but it is 24 in Edmonton – we’re enjoying while it lasts.

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