Week 5: Life in Dauin

October 7, 2008 - Filed under Weekly Report

It still hasn’t really hit yet that we live here. Despite moving into our own apartment, and both of us starting up with some work again, it still just feels like an extended vacation. I’m sure that will eventually wear off, but for now I’m just trying to enjoy it.

This week, like last, was pretty low key. We went into town for a bit of grocery shopping, and Mike spent the better part of a day getting his Filipino Divers License. We went on a couple of dives… a few swims in the ocean and a lot more lounging by the pool. Our evenings usually consist of a couple of drinks at the pool bar, a movie, or a couple rounds of pool and maybe the odd game of Jenga!

On Thursday one of the regulars at the resort threw a beach party for some of the staff and a few of the other long term guests. There was a big barbeque and plenty of drinks to go around. Needless to say we spent the better part of the next day nursing our hangovers.

It’s been interesting getting to know people here and trying to make friends. While we were aware that the Philippines was notorious for aging foreign men with their barely legal filipina girlfriends, it’s definitely taken a bit of getting used to. It seems that being under 30 here is a bit of a rarity. That, and not being German. 4 out of 5 people we meet are either German or Swiss. We’re hoping as we move more into the busy season, we’ll start to meet a few more people our age.

I wish I had more to report, but life in paradise is pretty chill.

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