A Guide to living short-term in the Philippines

February 21, 2009 - Filed under Planning

Ever thought about spending a couple of months in the Philippines, but weren’t sure where to start? We’ve teamed up with Location Independent to bring you a guide to living in Dumaguete, as a traveling freelancer, digital nomad, location independent professional, or whatever label you prefer.

The guide contains information on:

  • Visa Requirements
  • Transportation
  • Internet Access
  • Accommodation Recommendations
  • Alternative Office Spaces
  • and Online Resources

To find out more, or purchase a guide ($7) visit locationindependent.com


Posted by: Shim

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  1. Miss Jane March 2, 2009 2:33 am

    Is that how strong the sun is in the Philippines? ‘You’ can turn black by sitting on the beach? LOL

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