Week 51: Hello Vancouver

September 4, 2009 - Filed under Weekly Report

Vancouver is cold! We stepped off the plane Saturday, looked at each other and thought “Holy crap, why are we back?”. But seriously it’s sooo good to be home! The first thing I did after checking into the hotel was brush my teeth without having to use bottled water… it may sound like a little thing, but drinkable tap water is so nice!

Next up was Caesars! Oh, how we missed caesars! I know those of you who aren’t Canadian don’t really understand this, but it’s one of the few truly Canadian things we have. That first one was so good, we just had to have another…

Sunday morning the jet lag hit us pretty hard and we were both wide awake by 3am! We spent the early hours flipping through channels till we finally ventured out for coffee about 6 o’clock. That morning I managed to get some shopping done and we met up with a bunch of friends for lunch in the afternoon. It was so great to see everyone and we had a fabulous lunch a Joey Fortes (Thanks Curt!). The sun came out and we rounded out a gorgeous day with a few beers on Sherry & Rich’s patio. It was a perfect welcome back!

Picture from Daniela’s iphone

The rest of the week was spent in much the same way. We had birthday drinks for Mike on Wednesday and got to catch up with quite a few people. We had lunch with my old work to say thanks for continuing to send us both freelance while we’re away. We BBQ-ed with Murray and Laura and got to meet their adorable new baby Thea (the first of many new babies who’ve popped out while we’ve been away). And on Friday I got sick! At first I thought I was just loosing my voice from all the talking I’d been doing since being back, but ended up spending all weekend in bed.

Mike got to see a few more people over the weekend, hitting up a lion’s game and the casino with the boys, and hanging at Jay’s volleyball court on Saturday. All in all it’s been a busy week of catching up, and we’ve got lots more people to see. Luckily we’ll be back in Vancouver after we visit some family, so if we haven’t seen you yet drop us an email and we’ll make some plans before we take off for Costa Rica, September 19th.

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