Our Nomadic Life — 2009 in Review

January 1, 2010 - Filed under General

2009 was an amazing year for us. It was a year full of travel, new experiences, fantastic memories, and thankfully a lot more ups than downs. It was our first full year without a permanent home and our first full year freelancing from the road. We visited 7 countries in 12 months, took 18 flights, and made a million new memories.

Below are just a few of those memories, as we look back and reminisce over an amazing 2009.


We rang in the New Year with some friends at a beach resort in the Philippines. We had some great dives in January, made some new friends, rented a motorbike, and celebrated my 30th birthday. Read More…

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Malaysia and Canada travel budgets

September 27, 2009 - Filed under Planning, Travel

Continuing our series of travel budget posts, here’s the numbers from the last 3 months. We spent 2 months in Malaysia with 1 month spent in Penang and 1 month in Malaysian Borneo. Since this was the end of the Asian leg of our journey, we traveled around a lot more and took part in a few more costly activities like diving at Sipadan and a motorcycle tour near Kota Kinabalu. I also had to buy a new laptop in Kuala Lumpur to replace my busted computer. Then there’s the clothes budget. We had to prepare for upcoming Canadian weather and business meetings. Overall, it was a big hit to the wallet.

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Week 53, 54, and 55: Another year on the road begins

September 22, 2009 - Filed under Eats, Weekly Report

Happy September 1st! This marks the 1 year anniversary of Kelly and I becoming homeless wanderers.

There’s been a lack of posts from us for a few weeks. I suppose that’s because not much has really changed back home since we left a year ago. The same old haunts are still there. Our friends are pretty much as we left them. Just a few of them got married, or popped out babies, or got a little heavier. ;)

We headed back to Kelowna after visiting Kelly’s family in Edmonton, and it was my turn to see my parents. My folks are based on Vancouver Island, but just bought a place in Kelowna and took possession this week. It would be really convenient for us if we ever came home. No more choosing who’s parents we spend Xmas with, but this year we’ll have to ask them to come visit us instead. Read More…

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Week 51: Hello Vancouver

September 4, 2009 - Filed under Weekly Report

Vancouver is cold! We stepped off the plane Saturday, looked at each other and thought “Holy crap, why are we back?”. But seriously it’s sooo good to be home! The first thing I did after checking into the hotel was brush my teeth without having to use bottled water… it may sound like a little thing, but drinkable tap water is so nice!

Next up was Caesars! Oh, how we missed caesars! I know those of you who aren’t Canadian don’t really understand this, but it’s one of the few truly Canadian things we have. That first one was so good, we just had to have another…
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Goodbye Vancouver

September 9, 2008 - Filed under Planning

Our last two weeks in Vancouver went by faster than I ever thought they could. Reality started to set in that we were leaving and the magnitude of all the things we still had to do, finally started to hit. Vaccinations, health insurance, visas, packing, getting rid of the last of our things, and of course connecting with everyone before we left.

Between our going away party, and many nights out with close friends, we’ve managed to say goodbye to almost everyone on the list. It’s been great to spend our last few days surrounded by good friends and family. And I think I’ve come to realize, that the thing I’m going to miss most about Vancouver is just that – all of you!

So long and thanks for all the drinks!

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