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New Zealand Road Trip – A month in tweets!

July 30, 2012 - Filed under Other

After a month in Queenstown it was time to set out on our road trip. We spent a month driving across New Zealand, and while we didn’t have time to blog, I tweeted as we went. Here’s our month in tweets as we road trip NZ.

Day 1 of the Great Kiwi Road Trip – Queenstown to Franz Josef Glacier in 6 hours. A stop at the blue pools, and lunch by the ocean… now catching up on work from the comfort of our tent…. yes tent! Gonna be an interesting month.

Day 2 of the Great Kiwi Road Trip – Half day of work (it’s Saturday here) followed by a hike to the Glacier, and a quick trip to the beach. Now enjoying a glass of wine in my plastic cup. Oh the joys of camping!

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Posted by: Kelly

2 weeks vacationing and diving in Belize

May 27, 2010 - Filed under Other, Scuba Diving, Stuff to do, Underwater Photography

On our way up to Mexico for our friends’ wedding, we stopped off in Belize for 2 weeks to relax and do a little more diving. Having only dove Roatan in the Caribbean, we were looking forward to diving another location for comparison.

When we arrived in Placencia, we didn’t realize it was coming into low season and rainy season. For most of our 2 weeks, it’s rained a little on some days and a lot on others. We’re also often the only people in the beachfront resort hotel we’re staying in. So we’ve had a staff of 10+ taking care of us each day as we lounge by the pool when the weather cooperates.

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Posted by: Shim

From Tamarindo, Costa Rica to Roatan, Honduras

March 15, 2010 - Filed under Other, Travel

After 6 months, our time in Costa Rica has come to a close. Last week we woke up early to take the 5am shuttle to Liberia from Tamarindo. Around 9am, we boarded a Ticabus headed to Managua, Nicaragua. A few hours later, we arrived at the Nicaraguan border to find a HUGE line. Spending the next 3 hours frying our brains in the sun while we waited to get our exit visas, then another hour waiting as the Costa Rican DEA randomly selected our bus for a screening, and then another hour getting our entry visas in Nicaragua. During all this, the Canadian men’s final hockey game was going on… something we had realized only a few days earlier. Oops, bad scheduling on our part and we had hoped to make it to our destination on time to catch it. But we did meet a few people on the bus and chatted the hours away.

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Posted by: Shim

Week 61: Where’s the skip button?

November 17, 2009 - Filed under Other

This week has been skipped due to the lack of interesting events in which to post about. Instead here’s a picture of Tamarindo.

Playa Tamarindo

Posted by: Kelly