Goodbye Vancouver

September 9, 2008 - Filed under Planning

Our last two weeks in Vancouver went by faster than I ever thought they could. Reality started to set in that we were leaving and the magnitude of all the things we still had to do, finally started to hit. Vaccinations, health insurance, visas, packing, getting rid of the last of our things, and of course connecting with everyone before we left.

Between our going away party, and many nights out with close friends, we’ve managed to say goodbye to almost everyone on the list. It’s been great to spend our last few days surrounded by good friends and family. And I think I’ve come to realize, that the thing I’m going to miss most about Vancouver is just that – all of you!

So long and thanks for all the drinks!

Posted by: Kelly

Telling the ones you love

September 6, 2008 - Filed under Planning

I’ve had the urge to travel for as long as I can remember. Even as a child I was a wanderer. Much to my mother’s dismay and often times embarrassment, I was an explorer. It didn’t really matter where we were, sometimes it was at the park, sometimes on family vacation, or, more often than not, at the grocery store. She’d turn her back for a second and i’d be off, wandering the aisles in search of the great unknown. Then, before long, that all too familiar voice would be heard over the intercom.

“Attention shoppers: Could the mother of a blond haired, blue eyed girl, wearing a red t-shirt please come to customer service?”

My mother would flush with embarrassment, as she once again went to retrieve her wandering child from the security desk.

Twenty-some years later, I’m still a wanderer. And although my mother is used to it. I don’t think it gets any easier.  In fact I think it gets harder.

When I was 21 and set out to see the world it was expected, and encouraged. But now, years later, when you tell your family you’re quitting your job, selling everything you own and moving half-way around the world, it can be a little harder to understand.

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Sticking it out at the job

September 6, 2008 - Filed under Planning

Once we’d made the decision to go it was on to the fun part, deciding when and where to go. We spent countless hours talking about islands and beaches and realistically when we thought we could actually do this.  It wasn’t like we could just pick up and leave the next day.  There was planning and researching and of course saving, which naturally meant keeping the day job.

At first it wasn’t that hard, I liked my job, and August seemed forever away.  But the closer it got, the closer I came to just blurting it out.  Someone would mention that a client wanted to launch in September, and all I could think, was “Great, I won’t be here, they can do whatever they want” But of course I couldn’t say that. That would be unprofessional, and I didn’t want to get fired before I quit.

So i stuck it out. Of course there were days that were harder than others. There were days when it was raining and I just wanted to rollover and stay in bed, especially once Mike had quit. But I stuck it out, kept quite and slowly the months passed by.

When Q-day finally came, I had run the scenario in my head so many times it should have been easy. But as the moment approached I still wasn’t sure exactly what I was gonna say. I passed my boss in the hall and asked if he had a minute. We went into a meeting room and I just kind of blurted it out. “I’m giving my notice.” It felt good to finally say it. “I’m quitting. I’m going traveling. It’s not you it’s me.”

It felt like a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. All this time, all that planning, this was official, we were actually doing it, and I no longer had to keep it a secret.

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Making the Decision

September 6, 2008 - Filed under Planning

Almost five years ago, I returned from two years of living and working abroad. Like many people who travel, I returned for what I thought was a “temporary” period. I’d planned to stick around for no more than a year. Just enough time to plan the next trip, the next adventure… but somehow life got in the way.

I fell back in with familiar friends, landed a really great job, and found an amazing apartment. Before I knew it, I was settled, and you know what, it felt good. It was nice to sit still for a while and the longer I stayed, the easier it became.

Almost too easy.

A little over a year ago the monotony started to get to me. I realized I was living life for the weekends, counting my vacation days, and daydreaming of something better. That great job I thought I had was turning into just a job, and I was ready for a change.

But just how big a change was I thinking? And what about Mike?

The first time I moved overseas it was just me. I didn’t have to worry about what someone else wanted. It was a big decision, but it was my decision. This time there were two of us.

I can’t really remember how it came up. It was just something that started to pop into daily conversations. Mike had been unhappy at his job for a while, and I think we were both starting to feel the need for change. The first few times we talked about it, it was more of a hypothetical conversation. But the more we talked about it, the more it became a possibility, and eventually a reality.

Posted by: Shim