We moved. To a beach front house in Dauin.

November 14, 2008 - Filed under General, Travel

Ah, paradise. This is what we were searching for. After 2 months in the Philippines, looking high and low for the ideal apartment, hut, beach house, or resort to call home… we’ve finally found it.

Puerto Citas is just minutes down the beach from the El Dorado Beach Resort where we were previously staying. When we first arrived in Dumaguete, we scoured the Dauin area looking for places to stay because of the active diving scene in the area. Our first impression of Puerto Citas from the beach was, “That looks expensive.” Shame on us for not looking into it further! As Kelly mentioned in her last post, we ran into the previous occupants after they had decided to move out and they corrected our assumption. It’s actually a reasonable price considering the size of the place… and that’s what we’ve come to value in the last 2 months. For $400 a month we had rented a 1 room studio, which is a steal compared to rent in Vancouver… but after a month or two, that room became small and uncomfortable. With us living and working in the same space, it quickly became a challenge since there was just no area to relax or when necessary, be productive. So, we opted to double our rent and move out of the resort and into a larger space.

It’s only been a day or two since we’ve moved and I’m already ecstatic about the new house. It’s 2 floors, furnished, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big kitchen, and comfortable areas inside and out to work and relax. Kelly captured it perfectly today saying, “This is the biggest place I’ve lived in since I moved out of my parents house!” We’re right on the beach and as I type this I can hear the waves rolling in. The owner is a fantastic Swiss/Filipina named Cita who has gone out of her way to make sure that we’re comfortable and made our move from the resort effortless.

We had Smart Wireless come set us up with a 356k broadband internet connection yesterday and I hooked up a wireless router to the antenna, so we’re ‘laptop on the beach’ enabled already. Still not amazing internet speeds by North American standards, but a huge improvement in connectivity from our previous arrangement and more than sufficient to let us work effectively.

One concern of ours was the occasional power brownouts that occur every so often. There’s no backup generator here, but given the friends we’ve made at El Dorado, I’m sure we can use theirs and wander down the beach with a laptop when work deadlines and power issues collide. From what I understand, recently there’s only been 1 power outage every month or so. Not nearly what we were lead to believe initially. There’s some voltage issues in the evenings, but nothing that the laptops aren’t equipped to handle.

So, enough nerd stuff. Back to the beach house… we have 2 huge patios, one on each level that wraps around three quarters of the house. Some fantastically comfy sofas and chairs to lounge in.

A real kitchen table and an outfitted kitchen to cook our own meals in. And should we get lazy, we’re a short walk down the beach to both the El Dorado and Pura Vida resorts where the meals are good and the beers are cold.

There’s no air conditioning, just fans and the constant ocean breeze. However we’ve been meaning to try to use less air conditioning, because otherwise you never really acclimate to the tropics and I’d rather not be sweating every time I step outside the house. Did I mention that our tans are shit? We’ve been spending far too much time hibernating indoors. We’ll tough it out for a few nights and then we’ll be used to it.

We have hot water to shower and lots of water pressure. Bottled drinking water for the water cooler is delivered for 28P and the cooler also has both hot and cold water. There’s even a bread delivery service in the area if we want to order a few loaves and buns. We’re close to the local market for fresh vegetables and every Wednesday we can go to the Malatapay market for almost anything else food oriented we might need. Since leaving the resort, we don’t have shuttle service into Dumaguete anymore, but we’ve often hired a trike or hopped on a jeepney instead. Cita’s brother has kindly offered to drive us into town if we need to make any larger purchases as well. It’s a family run operation around here.

We don’t have a pool anymore, but the ocean will more than suffice. It’s been calm and over 32 degrees Celsius every day lately. Plus I’d like to get in some more active swimming since I’ve had little to no exercise lately (What, me run? In this heat?) and the meals aren’t exactly low in calories in these parts. Filipinos do love their fried foods and sweets, while when cooking at home Kelly and I have an affinity for sauces.

I guess that’s it. We’re settled. We’re loving it. We’ve got extra space. To all our peeps and family back home, come visit. Life is good. We’re really, truly content at the moment.

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  1. Sherry November 14, 2008 10:21 pm

    we are sooo coming to visit!! love the new place!!!! have fun guys…

    miss you lots but i am happy that everything is working out.

    i will keep you posted on when we are coming..in the new year for sure.

    love yah

  2. Shim November 16, 2008 5:17 am

    Looking forward to it Sherry! Missing you two tons! Let Rich know there’s a golf course in town. I’d be happy to drive his cart again if he’s recovered from the last round. Or maybe he can teach me to hit those tiny golf balls with a beer in one hand. ;)

    Mike & Kelly

  3. Eric Chan November 22, 2008 2:52 pm

    Oh man… this is paradise …
    This is a good find! I can safely say that all must be well with you shim!

  4. Shim November 22, 2008 9:29 pm

    Haha. Thanks Eric. Yup, everything is perfect. We’re crazy about it… Swing by after your next trip to Japan, eh? Not much of a design scene, but lots of pretty pictures to be taken. ;)

  5. cyril guarniero March 10, 2011 7:15 am

    hi we have seen the photos here of puerto citas dumaguete. we are interested on staying there but we cant find the website or contact info of the resort. i been searching all the but no luck. can you tell me plz the contact info of puerto citas in dumaguete since you alreadt been there.

    btw we would like to rent it out for amonth coz i must be in dumaguete for business and family vacation.
    im hoping you can reply my messages soon as possible. thanks in advance.

    cyril g.

  6. cyril guarniero March 10, 2011 7:17 am

    we would like to stay there for the whole month of may. tnx

  7. Shim March 10, 2011 11:51 am
  8. SHERLYNNE May 13, 2012 2:45 am

    One of the best resort in dumagete,it’s looks like a paradise…place that you can relax,feel safe and unwind…and very nice and lovely staff.thanx for take good care of my family while we’re there….
    But the resort need to improved more.like why they don’t put a restaurant with a free wife Internet connection?so that’s why the guest don’t need to go to the market or go to other resort to have there lunch or dinner,or maybe get there drink to other resort have a restaurant…

    Thanx to the staff of puerto cita’s nice work guys:-)

  9. Hermann Frei & Cita December 9, 2012 4:31 pm

    hello Kelly & Mike
    thanks for the nice pictures, after the taifun Pablo , we are happy we have only small damaged roof ,the resort is ok .
    merry christmas & happy new year
    Hermann & Cita


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