Week 20: Bring back the sun!

January 19, 2009 - Filed under Weekly Report

The last couple of weeks we’ve had some pretty gross weather. Although this is suppose to be the dry season this week has been anything but. I know it’s nothing compared to the crazy weather back in Vancouver, but for those of us who moved to a tropical island mostly for the weather… well it kinda sucks.

We started this week at Thalatta Beach Resort, celebrating my 30th birthday, with what we hoped would be a lot of lounging by the pool and a few nice dives. Unfortunately the weather had other plans. The waves were so big and had kicked up so much sand and debris that diving was pretty much pointless. And as for my lounging by the pool… I did manage to get in a bit of chill time in-between storm clouds, but not exactly how I pictured our little weekend getaway.

Thalatta Beach Resort

(These rocks were tossed around in the storm the night before, by huge 8 ft. waves)

The rest of this week has been pretty similar to last week. Some more work, and a lot more research into Thailand. I know you all think we have such an exciting life over here in tropical paradise, but the truth is we’ve settled into a pretty relaxed routine. And while definitely enjoyable, it doesn’t always make for the most exciting blog entries.

So instead, since I have nothing interesting to report, here are some random pictures:

water buffalo (also know as a carabou)

This big guy, lives just down the road from us.


We’ve seen a couple of these crazy spiders over the last few weeks.

pink anemone fish

This is the only ok photo from my birthday dive.

And of course for more photos don’t forget to check flickr.

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